Pressureless storage tanks

The product line with our longest experience and greatest expertise in manufacturing

The manufacturing of storage tanks is with more than 140 years the line of products with our longest production experience and tradition.

Storage tanks for the underground and above-ground storing of water-endangering inflammable and non-inflammable liquids

  • Storage tanks acc. to DIN 6608, 6616, DIN EN 12285
  • Double-wall tanks with leak detection based on a liquid system, an excess pressure system, or a system working at a pressure beneath the atmospheric one
  • Erection without an additional hold-up tank
  • Space-saving embedding in the soil beneath made-up roads
  • Industrial series production in compliance with the approved rules of engineering
  • Quality assurance according to RAL-RG 998 and based on inspections by the TÜV
  • Specialized company in the sense of the law regarding the prevention of water pollution
  • Certifications for the states of the EU and Russia
  • Special approval tanks similar to DIN
Pressureless storage tanks

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Wind power plants components and storage tanks


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