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The growing demand for energy and raw materials worldwide is slowly but surely moving our economies towards a sustainable model. What was once treated as purely environmental protection technologies is today the global prospect. Renewable energy, regrowing raw materials and efficient resource management are necessary and seminal. Investment in suitable sustainable solutions is being made worldwide, German know-how and technologies developed here are in particular high demand. At Reuther STC GmbH, we are ready for this ever-growing interest and the strong demand for superior alternative technology.

With our range of products, components and comprehensive know-how we have successful established client relations in all segments on a worldwide level. Many of our long-standing customers are considered to be global players who show commitment both in areas of traditional technologies and, increasingly, in the domains of renewable energy. Our competencies lie in the details: from towers for wind power plants, magnet wheels for gearless wind power plants, to the special devices for plant construction to double-wall tanks for the mineral oil industry equipment for the manufacture of basic components of the photovoltaic industry.

Reuther STC is about precisely tailored elements for the energy technologies working towards the betterment of our future.

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Renewable energies

With wind energy into a green future

Reuther STC manufactures components for wind power plants: steel towers, steel foundations and welded parts for magnet wheels, monopiles and tripods. More about Reuther STC products »

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