Starting with the steel to the finished product we have high quality in mind

High mechnical skills, newest technological standards and brilliant planning

The best answer to advanced change in the market is a flexible company with an adjustable production. Because complex requirements of clients and partnerns demand specific solutions.

We made our name as a company over the last 140 years in producing storage tanks, pressure tanks, and components for renewable energies.

Reuther STC is permanently concerned holding the production facilities on the newest technological standards and engaging qualified employees. We are proud of our reliable fabrication of first-class products. Starting with the raw material, the steel plates we buy, to the ready-made deliverable product we always demand highest quality without compromise.

Production of magnet wheels

Product range

Wind power plants components and storage tanks

Renewable energies

With wind energy into a green future

Reuther STC manufactures components for wind power plants: steel towers, steel foundations and welded parts for magnet wheels, monopiles and tripods. More about Reuther STC products »

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