Surface finishings and coatings

Standard and special coatings

Reuther STC has high expertise in suface processing.

The surface processing of steel towers and tanks with standard or special coatings takes place in professional painting plants. To apply the coating evenly, for the health of our employees as well as for environmental protection we use painting plants with color particle exhausting systems.

Processed surfacesare are amongst other things protected of corrosion and contribute to the longevity of our products.

Surface finishing

Our processes for finishing are:

  • Blasting with metallic and mineral abrasives
  • Epoxy coating
  • Various paints and varnishes
  • Rubber coating (in cooperation with specialists)
  • PUR coating
Surface processing of wind tower section
Reuther STC - Film - Frame 1
Reuther STC - Film - Frame 2
Reuther STC - Film - Frame 3
Reuther STC - Film - Frame 4
Reuther STC - Film - Frame 5
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