Foundation components for offshore wind power plants

Manufacturing of components for offshore foundations - jackets, tripods and monopiles

We deliver components for tripods, jackets and monopiles for your offshore wind power plants.

Offshore wind power plant systems are fixed at the bottom of the sea. Dependent on the location and the depth of the water different types of foundations are used.

  • Monopile foundations (1 tube system for shallow water)
  • Tripod foundations (3 tube system for deep water)
  • Jacket foundations (4 tube system for deep water)

It is not possible to deliver complete foundations from the inland manufacturing site to offshore wind farms. Offshore wind power plant foundations are too big for long distance transport. For this reason Reuther STC produces only components (e.g. tube sections) for offshore foundations.

Because of special requirements regarding the stability of offshore foundations the quality of welding has to meet higher standards and needs extra testing before the component can be installed.


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